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DeLights in the HEART of TUSCANY Retreat!

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"I heard through the Grapevine" about these mystical DeLights in the Heart of Tuscany? Have you?

ARRIVE to feel EMBRACED by the beauty of our location, La Chiara di Prumiano VILLA for a week of RELAXATION, TRANQUILITY, PEACE and EXPLORATION under the Tuscan sun. Join us! from May 7-14, 2017!

With DELIGHT, we welcome you as our guest! and invite you to NESTLE into La Chiara di Prumiano, a beautiful 17th century villa set high in the rural hills of Tuscany's Chianti Classico vineyards.

IMMERSE yourself into a UNIQUE landscape, with green, gentle hills covered with wide fields of vineyards, olive groves, small stone villages, CHARACTERISTIC parishes and COUNTRYSIDE homes in stone.

As their guest, you will feel at home in a SPACIOUS and COMFORTABLE room adorned with colorful windows and shutters opening onto the surrounding SHIMMERING olive groves.

In the Italian culture, welcoming guests to our table is a way to take care of their happiness! FRESH food from the garden is cooked with PASSION and EXCELLENCE by gifted chefs resulting in a FLAVOURFUL and SATISFYING dining experience every time! ENJOY a sipper of wine with your meal and INDULGE in a dessert!

Just below one wing of the villa is a COZY tea room LA SALA DEL TÈ. It is filled with healing herbs and infusions promising hours of cozy tea rituals, ENLIGHTENING conversations and RELAXING music experiences.

 EXPLORE the ENCHANTED FOREST within walking distance from the Villa and/or enjoy horseback riding and/or lessons steps away from the villa. 

ENLIVEN your spirit through CREATIVE and RELAXING yoga classes, SOULFUL meditations and HEARTFELT healings guided by our FLAVOURFUL team of 4!

A guided FLAVOURFUL YOGA+WINE tasting tour literally under the Tuscan sun with a lunch are provided with your package. Also find DELIGHT in unique shops and quaint wine stores in the Chianti region and on our outings.

AWAKEN your curiousity as we venture to Florence and Siena for a chance to EXPLORE and RECEIVE all of the BEAUTY and CULTURE that Tuscany has to graciously give! Transportation to and from Villa are organized and provided.

The night sky will leave you in AWE and a MAGICAL masquerade ball under the Tuscan sky filled with laughter, music and dancing will ENLIVEN your spirit!

You’ll experience “la Dolce Vita” with like-minded MAGNIFICENT co-creators in one of the most BEAUTIFUL places on earth.

Cin Cin! Andre, Philip, Cezarina and Josie