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About us

Josie is empathetic, warm and forever optimistic and regular doses of smiles and laughter are essential in her world. Josie attended the 500 hour Moksha Yoga Teacher Training in Toronto in the summer of 2010, after recognizing the positive impact yoga has had on her life.

Since graduating, Josie has been teaching varying yoga styles over the years, focusing on Hatha and including Vinyasa and Restorative. Feel safe in Josie's presence and delight in her quaint and inviting yoga space, as she eloquently guides you through your yoga practice.

Josie will help you to focus on breathe awareness, body movement and proper alignment using varying yoga styles depending on your physical and emotional needs.

With each class, lift your spirits as Josie recites insightful quotes to help you add intention to your practice. Yoga helps to continually remind Josie to live in the moment, go with the flow and just breathe which helps her to Stay Simply Well, Naturally!

Josie looks forward to helping you do the same! Home is where the heart is. With love and gratitude Josie welcomes you to her space.

Josie has more modalities to offer (including homeopathy, iridology and homeostatic balance)  She specializes in helping clients alleviate symptoms of allergies naturally.  Check out her website for more details or to sign up for a yoga class!